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KSPK-FM is a locally owned and operated country music radio station, located in Walsenburg Colorado and broadcasts to all of Southern Colorado. KSPK's format consists of the new country hits with some of the older country favorites mixed in. KSPK-FM carries various High School Athletic Games from various High School's in Southern Colorado. KSPK is also the exclusive broadcast partner for Adams State University Athletics from Alamosa. KSPK's coverage area extends from Colorado Springs Colorado in the North to Raton New Mexico in South; South Fork Colorado in the west and Lamar Colorado in the east. With such a large area of coverage KSPK remains to this day Southern Colorado's Largest Radio Station.


May 29th 2024

Colorado's LT Gov released from hospital stay.

Colorado's Lieutenant Governor Dianne Primavera yesterday was released from a five- night hospital stay. According to her office, Primavera was admitted to the hospital late last Wednesday evening due to an infection in her arm. Primavera said in a statement yesterday that she is grateful for the doctors, nurses and medical staff who cared for her. She also said she is looking forward to continuing her work alongside Governor Polis to ensure that all Coloradans have access to high quality and affordable healthcare. In a separate statement, Governor Jared Polis said he is grateful his Lieutenant Governor is recovering at home and that he knows she’ll be back stronger than ever.

Grand Junction Police warning people to be cautious for a new scam.

Grand Junction Police are warning people in Colorado to be cautious and to look out for a scam that has been taking place in Grand Junction and on the western slope. The scam targets elderly women who are alone in a parking lot. A well-dressed man will approach such a woman, posing a simple good citizen warning them that their tire is flat. While the man is distracting the woman, their partner can break into the victim’s car. In all such incidents that have taken place, the victim's credit cards were used immediately in nearby stores. Authorities say, be wary of strangers, even if they appear friendly. If a scammer insists on showing you your flat tire, tell the scammer you will call for help and stay in your vehicle. Always be aware of your surroundings and pay attention to those around you. And, never leave your purse or wallet unattended. And, don't forget to report suspicious activity.

Great Sand Dunes National Park warning vistors to beware of heavy traffic.

The Great Sand Dunes National Park and preserve is warning visitors to pack some extra patience before heading to the park for the next few weekends as traffic is typically heavy at the park this time of year. NPS says the congestion this time of year is due to the popularity of Medano Creek, which is at peak flow in Late May and Early June. The park service says that visitors should be prepared to wait over an hour in a traffic line up to three miles long to enter the park. Then, once inside the park, the closest parking may be up to a mile away from the dunes. The park service also reminds visitors that sand sled rentals are located at area businesses outside the National Park. The Park Service does not rent sand sleds or sandboards.

CDOT announces timber bridge work to take place.

The Colorado Department of Transportation has announced that it will begin timber bridge work on June 10th. Work will take place along five roadways, U.S. Highway 50, Colorado Highway 101, Colorado Highway 116, U.S. Highway 160 and U.S. Highway 350. The timber bridge project will enhance safety for the traveling public by reinforcing the aging bridges and adding longevity to existing bridges' lifespans. The work will add steel sister beams to the existing damaged timber girders to strengthen the support to the bridge deck at various locations across Baca, Bent, Las Animas and Prowers Counties in southeast colorado. The project is scheduled for completion in late October.

CPW invites anglers to praticipate in annual free fishing weekend.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife is once again inviting resident and non-resident anglers of all ages to participate in Colorado's annual free fishing weekend this coming weekend. This Saturday, June 1st, and Sunday, June 2nd, anyone can fish in Colorado waters without a fishing license or habitat stamp. All other rules and regulations, however, will still apply. Anglers should consult the CPW website for specific regulations and restrictions. fishing licenses can be purchased from any of the more than 600 sales agents across Colorado, or online. Go to cpw.state.co.us for more information.

May 28th 2024

CO Gov Polis signs 3 funeral home industry regulation bills into law.

Colorado Governor Jared Polis on Friday signed three bills into law to regulate the funeral home industry in the state. SB24-173 requires funeral home professionals to obtain a license by passing a background check, graduating from an approved mortuary science school, pass the national board examination and serving an apprenticeship. HB24-1335 gives the department of regulatory agencies more oversight of the funeral home industry, allowing inspections at any time and allows grounds for discipline. HB24-1254 further regulates non-transplant tissue banks, prohibiting a funeral home owner from owning any portion of a body brokering business. The bills should go into effect by the end of the year, however, there is a months-long rule making process that must take place before that can happen.

Lighting strike in NW CO kills rancher and cattle Saturday.

The Jackson County Coroner's Office says that a rancher and 34 head of cattle were killed on Saturday by a lightning strike in Jackson County, Colorado. The strike reportedly killed the animals and 51-year-old Mike Morgan, who had just finished branding cattle and was beginning to feed them when the lightning struck. The strike knocked about 100 head of cattle off their feet in all, killing 34 of them. The first call to 911 came in around 2:08pm on Saturday. The National Weather Service says that based on data beginning around 1980, lightning kills two people and injures 12 on average every year in Colorado. El Paso County sees the most lightning-caused fatalities of any county in the state.

La Junta house fire Sunday claims two lifes.

Two people died in a fire in a home in La Junta on Sunday morning. According to the La Junta Fire Department, the fire took place around 6am Sunday on Rice Avenue, which is located near Red Crane Park. Upon arrival, firefighters found heavy fire conditions. Firefighters said that hoarding-style conditions also made it difficult to extinguish the fire. Two occupants of the home were unaccounted for after the fire was extinguished. Following an investigation and removal of large amounts of debris, two people were found dead inside the home. The deceased have not been identified. There was no evidence of foul play and the fire has been ruled accidental. The fire is believed to have started in the utility room of the home, located in the basement.

CDOT announces CO-10 closure for safety critical work.

Beginning at 4pm tomorrow, Wednesday, May 29th, and lasting until about 7am on Friday, May 31st, The Colorado Department of Transportation has announced that it will close both directions of Colorado Highway 10 under Interstate 25 on the east side of Walsenburg while crews perform a safety critical bridge deck pour on a portion of the new Southbound I-25 bridge structure. Detour routes will be posted. The reopening time is subject to change, depending on concrete cure times. The closure is necessary to maintain safety for the traveling public.

CDOT announces single lane closure of I-25 in Pueblo for concrete replacement.

Beginning tomorrow, Wednesday, May 29th, there will be a single right lane closure and shoulder closure on northbound Interstate 25 in Pueblo from Mile Marker 101 to Mile Marker 102. Northbound I-25 will be transitioned to one through-lane for the duration of the concrete panel replacement which is expected to take two weeks to complete. The panel replacement will improve drivability for motorists and eliminate severe bumps within the area. Nighttime milling and paving operations will continue from Mile Marker 94 and continue to Mile Marker 97.5 in northbound and southbound lanes of I-25. Reduced speeds will take place in the work zone. CDOT says to plan ahead and expect delays.

May 24th 2024

Drivers in CO to be prohibited from talking on phone driving if bill is signed.

Drivers in Colorado will be prohibited from talking on or otherwise using their cellphones while driving if Governor Jared Polis signs SB24-65 into law. Polis says he will sign the bill, which passed the Colorado Legislature this year. The bill would create some exceptions, including for drivers who use hands-free accessories. Under the bill, a driver can't be cited for talking on or using their cellphone while driving unless a law enforcement officer sees them doing so in a "manner that caused the individual to drive in a careless and imprudent manner, without due regard for the width, grade, curves, corners, traffic and use of the streets and highways and all other attendant circumstances". An officer will have to see the phone either in a driver's hand or pinned against their ear to issue a citation. A first offense is subject to a $75 fine and two points. if signed, the law will go into effect on January 1st.

EPA to require Colorado to use more expensive reformulated gasoline.

The Environmental Protection Agency is requiring drivers in Colorado to use, and gasoline stations to sell, reformulated gasoline after the agency downgraded the air quality for the northern front range to severe status in 2022. And, that means that gas prices could increase by as much as 60 cents per gallon for the reformulated gasoline. It is not clear just when the EPA mandate will take effect. And, that mandate doesn't sit well with Governor Jared Polis. Last month, Polis sent an official request for a waiver from the new rule to the EPA saying that Colorado has taken other steps to reduce emissions. Polis says the mandate is based on a third-party study done to look at the potential of Colorado switching to reformulated gasoline. The mandate is reportedly only temporary for the summer months.

People gather to protest CO Gov veto of wage theft bill.

Hundreds of people gathered on the west steps of the Colorado State Capitol yesterday to protest Governor Jared Polis's recent veto of labor-related legislation that includes a bill aimed at preventing wage theft. A report from the Colorado fiscal institute found that nearly 440,000 low-wage workers in Colorado are victims of wage theft every year. The report says that wage theft costs the state over $45 million in tax revenue each year. The vetoed bill, HB24-1008, would have held general contractors liable for wage theft committed by subcontractors. The construction industry fought against the bill, arguing that it would punish the wrong people and harm businesses. Polis vetoed the bill last Friday.

Pueblo D60 announces new contract deal with Pueblo education association.

Pueblo School District 60 has announced that it has reached a contract deal with the Pueblo education association for the next two school years. The district's base salary for teachers will increase to $48,600, which is an 8% increase. The highest teacher salary in the district will be $105,813. For the 2025-2026 school year, the base pay will increase to $50,500, with the top salary increasing to $107,813.

CPW asks for state park vistors to act as stewards for state's land.

Coloradans and out-of-state visitors play an integral role in keeping Colorado State Parks clean, respecting local wildlife and making the outdoors safer to explore. This holiday weekend, Colorado Parks and Wildlife is encouraging state park visitors to act as stewards for the state's land, wildlife and water by balancing outdoor recreation with mindful conservation. Remember to plan ahead - check the weather and remember that camping reservations are required at Colorado State Parks. Wear a life jacket and dress accordingly to protect yourself from cold water. Do not feed or approach young wildlife and be bear aware. And, be careful with fire and put fires out with water until you can touch the embers. And, never leave a campfire unattended.

May 23rd 2024

New report shows CO taxpayers could lose billions in Tabor refunds.

A new report from the Common Sense Institute of Colorado shows that taxpayers could lose billions in Tabor refunds if legislation that lawmakers passed in this year's legislative session is signed into law. The report says that more than 100 bills passed this year could reduce tabor refunds by a combined $2.8 billion over the next three years, or about half of the $6 billion in projected Tabor Refunds between 2024 and 2026. Instead of being refunded to taxpayers, the report says the money will be redirected "towards targeted tax reductions for specific groups, mainly families and low-income Coloradans". Approved by voters in 1992, The Taxpayer Bill Of Rights, or Tabor, puts caps on the amount of tax revenue the state can keep year-to-year. Once tax revenue hits that magic number, the state must give all the surplus revenue back to taxpayers. Critics say tax credits or tax reductions are not what taxpayers had in mind when tabor was originally approved.

CO GOP recommending alternatives to public school system after new law.

The Colorado Republican Party is recommending that parents find alternatives to Colorado's public school system following recently passed legislation that they say pushes education toward indoctrination. The message is in response to House Bill 24- 1039, which was signed into law, and requires that teachers call students by their "chosen name". In an article published Tuesday entitled "LGBTQ indoctrination in public schools", Darcy Schoening, director of special initiatives for the Colorado GOP, says the bill violates parental rights and the teacher's 1st and 14th amendment rights. Schoening recommends that parents remove their children from public schools and find alternative solutions, like private schools or homeschooling. The GOP is also asking for support to an opposition resolution to HB24-1039.

CDOT announces US 50 Blue Mesa bridge repair plan.

The Colorado Department of Transportation has announced the U.S. 50 Blue Mesa Bridge repair plan to prioritize fixing cracks and critical issues in four areas that pose an imminent risk to the structural integrity of the bridge. This will be part of phase one repairs and will safely expedite emergency vehicles and lighter loads being allowed back on the bridge first until permanent repairs can be completed. The goal is to restore limited vehicle access by July 4th. Subsequent phases of construction will further strengthen the structure and are expected to get heavier loads back on the bridge by fall of this year. Critical inspections for the U.S. 50 Blue Mesa Bridge have been completed and have identified 118 critical inspection locations. These internal anomalies, or defects, will require mitigation and repair for long-term serviceability of the bridge, but do not pose an immediate threat to the integrity of the structure.

New chairman elected to the Colorado water conservation board.

Nathan Coombs of Conejos County was elected the new chairman of the Colorado water conservation board last week. The 4th generation SLV Farmer will lead the 15-member board for the next year. The Colorado water conservation board includes nine representatives from each major colorado river basin as well as the Denver area. Coombs serves as the representative of the Rio Grande Basin and is manager of the Conejos Water Conservancy District.

EPA announces funding grant to the City of Pueblo.

The Environmental Protection Agency Brownsfield Division has announced that it is funding a $1 million grant to the City of Pueblo. The grant money will be used to clean up and renovate some of the oldest neighborhoods in the city, some of which have a rich industrial history. The city will use the grant money to do cleanup work but also to help non-profit or private developers do assessments to see if they have problems with contaminants like lead and asbestos. Monies will help these developers determine who big their problem is and potentially help them apply for other grants to help with the cleanup of contaminants.

May 22nd 2024

CO Gov Polis signs new protections into law.

Colorado Governor Jared Polis has signed House Bill 24-1117 into law, meaning that Colorado's invertebrates and rare plants have new protections. The new law adds invertebrates, which are any animal without a backbone, to the list of species that may be studied and conserved in Colorado, and empowers Colorado Parks and Wildlife to protect them. The new law also gives CPW the authority to do the same for Colorado's rare plants, which are defined as indigenous plants that are at risk of extinction. Prior to this new law, Colorado did not have any public funding or managing authority dedicated to conserving invertebrates, which include butterflies, beetles, bees, spiders and others. Many are also pollinators. CPW says that the new law allows the department to conduct surveys of both native invertebrates and rare plants "to develop information about population, distribution, habitat needs, limiting factors and other biological and ecological data.

EPA announces City of Monte Vista to receive brownfields grant funding.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced Monday that the City of Monte Vista will receive $1 million in brownfields grant funding to support contaminant cleanup, environmental assessments and redevelopment of critical properties within the city. The investments are part of the agency's brownfields multipurpose, assessment and cleanup grant programs. The city has identified the city hall as the project's first priority cleanup site. The second priority site is an abandoned building along main street. The City of Monte Vista is among six organizations in Colorado that have been selected to receive EPA Brownfields funding.

CDOT hoping to reopen one lane of US 50 over Blue Mesa Reservoir.

The Colorado Department of Transportation says that it is hoping to reopen one lane of the closed bridge on U.S. 50 over Blue Mesa Reservoir in Gunnison County by the 4th of July. The bridge was closed last month after a crack was found in the steel girders that support the deck of the bridge. The closure means that drivers face hours-long detours to get from one side of the reservoir to the other, as well as a full closure of U.S. 50, separating Gunnison from Montrose and leaving only U.S. 160 and Interstate 70 as the only two major east-west routes in Colorado. CDOT says it hopes to fully reopen the bridge by sometime late this fall.

High wind incident results in Colorado's 5th water recreation related fatality.

One adult died after becoming separated from their paddleboard during high winds and waves on Saturday afternoon at Harvey Gap State Park near Silt. Witnesses say that four paddleboarders, all without life jackets, were caught in high winds on Grass Valley Reservoir at the State Park. One adult was not tethered to their paddleboard and failed to surface in the rough conditions. Help was called in at 3:18pm Saturday and a search ensued. At 10pm Saturday, CPW's marine evidence recovery team found the body and completed the recovery with its submersible drone. The person's identity has not been released. The death is Colorado's 5th water recreation-related fatalities this year.

Memorial Day weekend expected to second busiest on record.

More than 38 million Americans are expected to be traveling by car this weekend for the Memorial Day Holiday, with Memorial Day expected to be the second busiest on record, according to Triple-A, that in spite of the rising gasoline prices, averaging $3.34 a gallon in Colorado. The Colorado Department of Transportation says that crews will stop roadwork that many people are seeing along major roadways on Friday at noon. That stoppage will continue until Tuesday Morning.

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